Essiac Cancer Cure Herbal Medicine:
The Hope of Millions

Essiac Cancer Cure Herbal Medicine

The word cancer feels like a death sentence to many people, but Essiac cancer cure herbal medicine brings a ray of hope in the darkness. After the initial shock when the doctor tells them “I am sorry you have cancer!”, the chemotherapy and the heavy medicines take their toll on the patient. Many a times, chemotherapy makes a person so weak, that his body resistance weakens and his condition further detoriates.

Hence, it is quite natural that many people opt out of chemotherapy and heavy medicines in spite of having cancer which is in the last stages. In this darkness there is a light which has given a new ray of hope for millions fighting this dreaded disease. This is a herbal medicine called Essiac.

The history and origin of Essiac is an interesting story in itself. In 1921, a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse was tending to a lady who had a scar on her right breast. She asked the woman the reason and the woman told her that 30 years ago she discovered that she was afflicted with breast cancer in a very advanced stage . Since she was unable to afford surgery and chemotherapy at that time, she had no clue what to do. Luckily she met an Indian medicine man who claimed that he could actually cure her cancer with an herbal tea!

He made her the tea and also told her the recipe and the herbs required for the tea.

Renee was amazed to hear that once the woman started drinking the tea, her cancer got cured completely. She was further astounded, when a year later, a friend who was a doctor further confirmed that certain herbs have the ability to completely cure cancer!

Then there was no stopping her. Renee actually tried and tested the herbs on mice and human beings and got amazing results! People who were in last and advanced stages of cancer actually got rid of the disease and lived long fulfilling lives.

Rene developed this further and named it Essiac (which is Caisse spelt backwards). However, what is worth mentioning is that Renee did not use her medicine to become rich; instead she distributed it to the needy for free, which irked the authorities since the Essiac cancer cure herbal medicine was putting everyone out of business.

However, like all great endings, Renee’s formula triumphed and was acknowledged to be not only a cancer medicine but a detoxification medicine too. Since then Essiac cancer cure herbal medicine has been widely acclaimed by many cancer sufferers.

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What Are The Ingredients Of Essiac Cancer Cure Herbal Cure Medicine?

Essiac has four components or herbs:

  • Burdock root which is rich in Vitamin A which helps to toughen organs like pancreas, liver and spleen.
  • Slippery Elm is a anti oxidant which contains mucilage which eliminates the toxin build up in the body
  • Indian Rhubarb root is rich in malic acid and Rheine which help in cleaning up the intestines and give smother bowel movements. This further helps in detoxification.
  • 4.
  • Sheep Sorel is made of vitamins, silicon and minerals and aids in digestion and detoxification.

How Is The Essiac Cancer Cure Herbal Cure Medicine Prepared?

This tea can be prepared by taking the appropriate quantities of these herbs as advised and then brewing them in water. Once you brew the tea, drink 30ml every day.

The Essiac cancer herbal cure medicine works by strengthening the immune system and thus eliminating the toxins and diseases in the body.

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