Best Home Remedies For
Nail Fungus

Most commonly affected are the toe and finger nails, but there are good home remedies for nail fungus that you can use.

People often do not realize that they have nail fungus because it does not hurt and does not have any health threats. In fact, it can be hard to realize until yellowing of the nails can be seen on the very edges.

Gradually over time the affected nail can go brown, become thick and eventually crumble. The nail can become distorted producing painful ingrowing nails.

The fungus can be caused by abnormal pH level of the skin, decreased immunity, wearing tight fitting shoes or hosiery that prevent the feet from breathing. It can also be the result of not drying the feet properly after a shower or bathing.

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Here Are Some Home Remedies
For Nail Fungus

Home Remedies For Nail Fungus

  • Once every day for at least two months, the feet should be soaked in a solution of listerine which is an antiseptic. After this treatment, the nail should be cleared from fungus.
  • Other methods that have worked are applying Vick's Vapor Rub, or pure essential oregano oil.
  • Similarly, you can rub undiluted tea tree oil which is a natural fungicide and antiseptic, mixed in olive oil onto the affected nails.
  • You can soak the affected nail(s) in warm water adding an equal portion of cider vinegar for around 15 minutes.
  • Some simple home remedies for nail fungus are present in your diet, if you take more probiotics as in yoghurt which helps the body to eliminate the fungus.
  • Likewise olive oil extract acts as a very good internal anti-fungal agent.

Prevention Of Nail Fungus

You may never need to use any home remedies for nail fungus if you follow these precautions.

  • After taking your socks and shoes off for the day, aim a cool hair dryer at your toes. This will help to blow away moisture from perspiration after the whole day. Do this between bathing to keep the nails nice and dry.
  • Apply antiperspirant to the nails and nail beds. It may seem like a really silly idea as antiperspirant is usually worn in the arm pits. However, there is no rule about where antiperspirant is worn.
  • By applying antiperspirant to the feet, nails, and nail beds, it keeps the feet drier. This makes the environment less friendly for fungus to grow. They key for most people is to use an unscented brand of antiperspirant as many people find a scented brand too strong for the comfort of their feet.
  • Clip nails so they are short. Long nails easily catch on things. This allows the fungus to enter the nailbed when the nail is lifted. By keeping nails short, the nails cannot be lifted and the fungus will not be invited into the nail bed.
  • Don't clip the cuticles. Many people want neat cuticles, but clipping them is not the answer. Cuticles are the nails natural protection. When the cuticles are removed, nails are not protected and fungus can easily enter.
  • Smooth away dead skin when bathing. Simply use soap, water, and a small scrub brush or other cleaning medium made for rubbing off dry and flaky skin. If dry skin is kept on the feet, then fungus may attach to the dry skin.
  • By keeping dry skin off of the feet, it lessens the chance of fungus attaching itself and staying on the feet and getting into the toenails.
  • Wear breathable socks and shoes so air flow passes through. No matter what style they are, just make sure that the footwear is breathable.
  • Also, wash hands. It may seem silly, but fungus can go on hands and thus when the feet are touched at the end of the day or if a shoe falls off and the foot is touched, fungus can go there.
  • Avoid eating sugar and refined carbohydrates as they encourage fungal growth.

The great thing about home remedies for nail fungus is that they often do work well and can prevent nasty disfigurement of your nails.

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