Understanding Your Deep Relationship
With The Five Elements

The Five Elements

Did you know that the five elements, can help you to live in harmony with yourself and with the planet?

There are five elements that operate to provide balance and structure to not only the world, but also our lives and bodies. These five elements are water, fire, metal, earth and wood. These were observed by The ancient Taoists observed these five elements which are wood, fire, earth, metal and water and they incorporated them into their advanced methods of healing.

The philosophy behind the five elements and their use for healing purposes is that everything in the world is made up of a combination of them. Due to this interconnectivity, each and everything has certain characteristics that are linked to the elements. These can be observed if you can take a look at the seasons, body types, personalities, smells, sounds, foods and the list can go on.

We can look at the body and how it ties into the elements and the way it works. The liver and the gall bladder are linked to the wood element, small intestines and the heart are connected to the fire element, spleen and the stomach to the earth, lungs and large intestine to metal and finally kidneys and bladder to the water element.

In order for us to attain the highest level of health, the ancient Taoists believed that we must have those five elements in perfect balance and harmony within us. The best way for us to do this is through proper diet, correct movements, positive relationships with others whilst being in tune with our environment.

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